Meet our remarkable faculty & staff

The Department of Physics is home to 48 faculty members, recognized as world leaders for their contributions to the most innovative research in their fields. Along with a team of talented and dedicated administrative staff, we are committed to excellence, and to President Crow’s vision of the New American University.

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Leaders in their field

ASU’s Department of Physics faculty members are among the best researchers, teachers, and mentors in the field. They are recognized nationally and internationally as experts and innovators; are members of prestigious science organizations; and are published in leading scientific journals. Their innovative and interdisciplinary research has elevated ASU’s position as a premier institution.

Cutting edge research

At Arizona State University, our research involves understanding the physics of everything from the cells in our bodies to interactions in space. Our faculty are leading cutting-edge research and cross-disciplinary collaborations to answer today's most compelling questions. Both undergraduate and graduate students are involved in exciting and relevant work as we search for solutions. And our discoveries and advances have a wide range of scientific and practical applications.

A community of experts & scholars

Our department is driven to produce positive change locally, nationally, and internationally. We know our students are tomorrow's leaders in science and technology, capable of advancing our society in profound ways. Through early involvement in research and superior academic programs, we are dedicated to giving our students everything they need to succeed in the many directions we know they will take.