How to apply

Admission requirements

    • Must apply to the ASU Graduate College, which costs $70.
      • Students must meet all Graduate College admission criteria.
    • Must provide the following documents:
      • Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate course work.
      • A statement of purpose outlining why you want to apply to the natural science program.
      • Two letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with your work and/or studies relevant to the natural science program.
      • Proof of two measles shots (if you were born after 1956).
    • Will need to know undergraduate GPA and junior-senior GPA.
    • GRE general test is not required. 
      • Leave the exam date BLANK.

Please submit all MNS degree application documents by April 15.

If you live out-of-state and are in one of the 15 WICHE states, submit your two applications for the MNS degree and for in-state tuition before April 1.

Apply Now!

Program requirements

    • A total of 30 graduate credits is required, selected from the courses in physics, chemistry and physical science for teachers including the required applied project course (PHS 593). 
    • Graduate courses in physics or other natural sciences can apply toward the remaining credits if approved by the student's supervisory committee.
    • Students may use up to 12 pre-admission credits taken within the last 3 years with a grade of "B" or better that were not used towards a previous degree.

Teachers may enroll in these courses in order to earn credit toward recertification or to pursue an MNS degree. These courses are held primarily during the summer. Depending on teacher interest, they may be offered at other times. For some courses, the prerequisites are two semesters of trigonometry-based college physics and an introductory calculus course.