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 Dr. Jane Jackson earned a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in physics from ASU in 1965, 1966, and 1970, respectively. Before coming to ASU in 1994 as Co-Director of the Modeling Instruction Program, she was Professor of Physics at Scottsdale Community College, and prior to that she was Assistant Professor of Physics at South Dakota State University.


2-minute interview of Jane Jackson at summer 2016 ASU Modeling Workshop

Research Interests

Dr. Jackson's research interests are Modeling Instruction in high school physics, chemistry, and physical science, especially assessment of science teachers and their students using instruments such as the Force Concept Inventory (FCI).


Hestenes, D., Megowan-Romanowicz, C., Osborn-Popp, S., Jackson, J., Culbertson R., (2011). A Graduate Program for High school Physics and Physical Science Teachers, American Journal of Physics 79(9), p.971-979. http://modeling.asu.edu/R&E/Research.html

Jackson, Jane (2010). Arizona State University’s preparation of out-of-field physics teachers: MNS summer program. Journal of Physics Teacher Education Online 5(4), p. 2-10.   http://www2.phy.ilstu.edu/~wenning/jpteo/issues/sum2010.html

Jackson, Jane, Larry Dukerich, and David Hestenes (2008). Modeling Instruction: An Effective Model for Science Education, Science Educator 17 (1), p.10-17.  http://www.nsela.org/images/stories/scienceeducator/17article7.pdf

Hestenes, David and Jane Jackson (1997). Partnerships for Physics Teaching Reform -- a crucial role for universities.  In E. Redish & J. Rigden (Eds.) The changing role of the physics department in modern universities.  American Institute of Physics. Available at http://modeling.asu.edu

Jackson, Jane (1997). Get Real! A “Methods of Teaching Physics” Course Instructed by a High School Physics Teacher. In E. Redish & J. Rigden (Eds.) The changing role of the physics department  in modern universities.  American Institute of Physics.

Research Activity

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Spring 2018
Course Number Course Title
PHY 493 Honors Thesis
PHY 495 Project Research
Summer 2016
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CHM 480 Methods of Teaching Chemistry
CHM 594 Conference and Workshop


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 In January 2015, the ASU Modeling Instruction Program and Master of Natural Science (MNS) degree program were designated Accomplished STEM Programs and added to the online STEMworks Database at https://stemworks.wested.org/arizona-state-university-modeling-instruction-and-master-natural-science-programs , after a rigorous review. At that time, STEMworks was sponsored by Change the Equation, a coalition of Fortune 500 companies; later, STEMworks moved to the WestEd website. It is a critical resource for funders.

In April 2014, High School Modeling Instruction was recognized with the 2014 Excellence in Physics Education Award of the American Physical Society (APS). The APS is the largest professional organization of physicists worldwide. The Award included $5,000. It was presented to David Hestenes, Jane Jackson, and Colleen Megowan at the APS April 2014 meeting in Savannah, Georgia. http://meetings.aps.org/Meeting/APR14/Session/J11



Professional Associations

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Most of my work is service to the Arizona community for which ASU is responsible. These news stories give examples.

* ASU Impact Magazine, fall 2016:  A Model Instructor (with 2-minute video interview of Jane Jackson) http://www.asufoundation.org/IMPACT-Magazine/ID/1224/Infinite-Possibilities-Through-Generosity

* Arizona Education News, Oct. 29, 2015: ASU alleviates physics teacher shortage, strengthens STEM pathway. http://azednews.com/2015/10/29/asu-alleviates-physics-teacher-shortage-strengthens-stem-pathway/

* ASU NEWS: https://asunow.asu.edu/20151106-asu-alleviates-physics-teacher-shortage-strengthens-stem-pathways

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