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John Venables - Professor Emeritus

My initial background is in Electron Microscopy of Materials (as a PhD student at Cambridge and at Illinois (UIUC) as a post-doc), and then I moved to Sussex University, among the first few cohorts of Lecturers (Assistant Professors). I then was promoted to Reader (Associate Professor), full Professor and in due course Dean of the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences and Emeritus Professor. Among other service, I started the collaborative Science and Europe Program that I then led for ten years, alongside my research group.

I visited ASU first at conferences in the area of Surface Physics and Surface Microscopy at the invitation of Professor John Cowley. I came initially on contract as a designer of the so-called Midas project, and then as a part-time Professor of Physics. This is all now 30 years ago, and I actually retired from my tenured post in 2008; I was rehired inreasingly part-time in connection with the PSM in Nanoscience, for which I am the Founding Program Director.

I also play music for real (viola and violin): I have been proud to list my playing memberships of regional standard Orchestras and Chamber Music groups both in Arizona and in the UK as Community Service for ASU.

Degree Info

Ph.D., Cambridge University

Selected Publications

Venables, J.A., DeGraffenreid, J., Kay, D., & Yang, P. 2006 Time-dependent annealing and deposition on substrates with repulsive interactions Phys. Rev. B 74 075412
Venables, J.A., Hembree, G.G., Drucker, J., Crozier, P.A., & Scheinfein, M. 2005 The MIDAS project at ASU: John Cowley's vision and practical results. J. Electron Microscopy 54 151-162
Venables, J.A. 2000 Introduction to Surface and Thin Film Processes Cambridge: Cambridge University Press .
Venables, J.A., & Harding, J.H. 2000 Nucleation and growth of supported metal clusters at defect sites on oxide and halide (001) surfaces J. Cryst. Growth 211 27-33