Modeling Instruction Application to Reserve a Seat for CEU

This application is for continuing education units in Modeling Instruction for Summer 2021, and must be completed in its entirety.


The ASU Department of Physics allows up to a percentage of participants to be non-credit if space is available.

Priority will be given to teachers who commit to future leadership in effective science instruction.


Selected applicants do not need to apply to ASU. Registration fee is $400 for Arizona teachers. For non-Arizona teachers, registration is $650.

Selected applicants will be notified via email regarding how/when to pay.


Feel free to contact Jane Jackson at with any questions.

Deadline to apply: June 5, 2021



  • Be at least one of the following:
    • an in-service science or math teacher.
    • pre-service science or math teacher.
    • plan to start teaching math or science in the next year.


  • Must complete and submit coursework on time.
  • Will notify instructor of absence as soon as possible.
First and Last Name
What grade(s) do you teach?