Nadia Zatsepin

Research Assistant Professor
TEMPE Campus


Nadia Zatsepin is an assistant research professor in the Center for Biological Physics in the Department of Physics. Her research focuses on the application and development of data analysis tools for time resolved serial femtosecond crystallography, extension of serial crystallography to synchrotron sources, and novel phasing algorithms for XFEL biological data.

Zatsepin's graduate studies were on X-ray characterization of nanoparticles embedded in light metal alloys, at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia). She joined ASU in 2011 as a postdoc with Professor John Spence. 

Zatsepin's work is supported by the BioXFEL STC (NSF STC award number 1231306) and NSF BIO ABI award #1565180 “ABI Innovations: New Algorithms for biological X-ray free electron laser data”.


  • Ph.D. Physics, Monash University, Australia 2011
  • B.Sc. Sci Schol Prog., Monash University, Australia 2005

Research Interests

serial femtosecond crystallography, phasing, coherent diffractive imaging, macromolecular serial crystallography, biophysics, structural biology 





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Summer 2017
Course Number Course Title
PHY 792 Research
Spring 2017
Course Number Course Title
PHY 792 Research


Invited talks

  1. Serial femtosecond x-ray crystallography of carbon monoxide-bound Cytochrome c Oxidase, 4th Annual BioXFEL International Conference, January 2017, Las Vegas, NV, USA.
  2. Serial femtosecond crystallography at LCLS: the first 5 years, 5th International Symposium on Diffraction Structural Biology, August 7, 2016, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN, USA.
  3. Making the most out of XFELs. Gordon Research Conference on Diffraction Methods in Biology, Lewiston, ME, USA, July 2016.
  4. Serial femtosecond crystallography with XFELs: Data Analysis and Research Highlights, SwissFEL Seminar, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland, March 2016.
  5. Serial femtosecond crystallography data analysis workshops, BioXFEL External Advisors Meeting, Tempe, AZ, USA, 2015.
  6. Serial femtosecond crystallography using X-ray free electron lasers, La Trobe University, Australia. March 2015.
  7. Serial femtosecond crystallography using X-ray free electron lasers, Monash University, Australia. March 2015.
  8. Association of BioXFEL Young Scientists (ABYS) workshops 2015, BioXFEL STC 2nd Annual International Conference, Ponce, Puerto Rico, USA, January 2015.
  9. Software Tools for the Analysis of Serial Crystallography Data, IUCr 2014 Workshop on Crystallography at XFEL Sources. Montr�al, Canada, August 2014.
  10. Serial femtosecond protein nanocrystallography using a free electron laser, Dept. of Physics Colloquium, U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee, June 2013.
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  14. Advances in real time X-ray diffraction in-situ nanoscopy, X-ray Micro & Nanoprobes, Palinuro, Italy, June 2009.
  15. Toward in situ X-ray diffraction imaging at the nanometer scale, SPIE Optics and Photonics: NanoScience and Engineering, San Diego, CA, August 2008.



  1. Organizing and instructing at the 2018 ACA Serial Crystallography Data Analysis Workshop, an international computational workshop to be held at the BioXFEL 5th International Conference.
  2. Organizing and instructing at the 2016 ACA Serial Crystallography Data Analysis Workshop, an international computational workshop held at the American Crystallographic Association Annual Meeting. July 2016.
  3. Organized and instructed at Serial crystallography data analysis with Cheetah and CrystFEL: concepts and tutorials, a sold-out, international computational workshop at ACA Annual Meeting, July 2015 in Philadelphia, PA, USA.
  4. Co-organized and presented at the Conference for BioXFEL Students and Postdocs at the SSRL/LCLS Annual Users Meeting and Workshops, Palo Alto, USA, October 2014.
  5. Organized and instructed at the Two-day workshop on Bio-XFEL data analysis, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, 21-22 August 2014.
  6. Led workshop on Computer exercises: Introduction to serial femtosecond crystallography data analysis with CrystFEL, at the Workshop on Dynamic Structural Photocrystallography in Chemistry & Materials Science, University at Buffalo, SUNY, New York, USA, 2013.
  7. Instructed at Nanocrystal data analysis workshop, CFEL, Hamburg, 22nd April 2013.




2012 Ultrafast X-ray Summer School (SLAC) poster prize
2006-2009 Australian Postgraduate Award
2008 SPIE Scholarship in Optical Science and Engineering
2005 J.L. William Honours scholarship, Monash University
2005 J.J. McNeil Prize for top Honours student in physics, Monash University 

Professional Associations

<p> Member of American Crystallographic Association.</p>


Science outreach

2015: Guide for LCLS serial femtosecond crystallography data analysis.

2008: Intern at Catalyst, Australian Broadcasting Corporation: researched science news and developed publicly accessible stories from formal scientific publications.

2004 – 2007: Instructor at Siemens Science Week for year 10 students: led interactive sessions on the physics and mathematics of soap film and optimization at this annual event at Monash University, Australia.

2005: Presenter on “Totally Wild” (Network TEN, Australia): Short TV segment on the science of soap film and bubbles on a children’s weekly science show on national television,

Work History

<p>2011 - Current: Arizona State University. 2005 - 2010: Monash University, Australia.</p>