Steve Presse

Associate Professor
TEMPE Campus


Steve Presse was born in Montreal and went to McGill University as an undergrad where he studied chemistry. He later pursued his doctorate in chemical physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) under the direction of Professor Robert J. Silbey. As a postdoctoral fellow in Professor Ken A. Dill's lab, his research focus shifted to biophysics and dynamical processes in particular. His lab now uses both theory and experiments to address fundamental questions relevant to molecular science. 

On the theory side, his group develops, adapts and uses the tools of inference, statistical physics and stochastic processes, broadly defined, to understand living systems from single molecules to whole cells. A special emphasis is placed on interpreting spectroscopy and imaging data. On the experimental side, Presse's group investigates the role of hydrodynamics on bacterial interactions.

The Presse lab is seeking motivated postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students for theoretical or experimental work. If interested, please see the recruiting tab at and contact


Ph.D. Chemical Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2008


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