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Undergraduate Research Symposium

The 15th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium will take place April 13,2018 at 2:00pm in PSF 186.  

The symposium is a great place for students to practice their presentation skills and more seasoned students to showcase their work. All physics majors are welcome to participate and we encourage any and all students/faculty/family to attend!! You may register to present your research in poster format by clicking the link below.

Poster Presenters Register Here


Tsong Prize– Up to two (2) prizes in the amount of $1000 each will be awarded to the best research poster presentation. At least one (1) Tsong award will be awarded to a project involving direct hands-on experimental measurements conducted by the undergraduate in a laboratory. 

Department of Physics Research Award - One (1) $500 prize awarded for physics or physics related research. 

The John and Richard Jacob Award For Undergraduate Research - One (1) $300 prize awarded to undergraduate research in Physics or Astrophysics. Applications must be submitted through our main physics scholarship page. All applicants are required to present at the symposium.  



Tsong Prize for Physics Undergraduate Research 2018

  1. Up to two prizes of $1000 each may be awarded each year for the best presentations at the symposium. At least one award must be awarded to a project involving direct hands-on experimental measurements conducted by the undergraduate in a laboratory. Number of awards is at the discretion of judges. 
  2. Candidates for the Tsong prize must be a current ASU Physics or Biophysics undergraduate and be mentored by at least one full-time faculty member of the Physics Department.
  3. Each Presenter must provide their research in poster format. The poster should be no larger than 4Ft (w) x 3 ft (L)
  4. In the authors byline include: the name of the presenter, the name of the project’s mentor, and names of other collaborators.
  5. For all students who wish to be considered for Tsong Prize, an asterisk should follow his/her name on their poster and will need to be present at the symposium to answer questions.
  6. No Repeat winners.

Department of Physics Award

  1. Student must be a physics major.
  2. Student must be conducting physics related research.
  3. Research advisor may be outside of physics department.

John and Richard Jacob Award for Undergraduate Research 

  1. Student must be a BS in physics or BS in physics education.
  2. Student is on-track to graduate within nine months of the date of the award.
  3. Participation by the student in the research program shalll have been on a formal basis, either through an established program, through registration for university research credit, or as a paid employee under the supervisor's grant.
  4. The award recipient shall have contributed substantially to the results of the research.

Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources

ASU LibGuides : 

1. Poster Formatting - http://libguides.asu.edu/c.php?g=263920&p=1762682 

2. Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative  - http://libguides.asu.edu/furi/poster 

Past Abstracts

Past Abstracts

Spring 2017 Symposium Abstracts