The physicist's guide to ASU

As a student in the Department of Physics at Arizona State University, you’ll join forces with one of the most innovative and research-driven universities in the country to transcend the traditional boundaries of physics. You’ll study on the historic Tempe campus with some of the finest researchers, teachers, and mentors in the field to gain an in-depth understanding of the laws that govern the physical world and serve as the foundation for all science.

Consider this your customized introduction to undergraduate life, full of curated tips and resources to help you succeed from start to finish. 

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Expand Your Understanding of the Universe: Arizona State University Department of Physics

Get involved

If you want to amplify your undergraduate experience and take your academics to the next level, we encourage you to get involved in a club, an organization for physics students or a research initiative. It’s a great way to meet fellow students with similar interests while developing highly sought after skills desired by potential employers, such as leadership, communication, problem-solving, teamwork, public speaking and more. Each of our student involvement activities and clubs is designed to help you excel academically while in school and beyond. Whether you want to join the workforce or pursue a graduate degree after graduation, these are the type of activities that will help you reach your fullest potential, both personally and professionally.

A partnership with the School of Earth & Space Exploration, Sundial is a mentorship program that pairs incoming students with upper-level undergraduate and graduate mentors for constant support and personal perspective. Use the mentorship program to build your sense of community at ASU in your early years, and then volunteer to be a mentor yourself, and pay it forward to a new group of incoming students. 

The Society of Physics Students
This is a national society with a thriving chapter at ASU. Members support one another both in and out of the classroom, collaborating and mentoring fellow students and celebrating personal accomplishments. Society members also share their passion for the sciences through outreach programs - visiting local schools and volunteering at University events to share demonstrations on a variety of physics topics.

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Elevate your Experience

Start your research

ASU is one of the fastest-growing universities in the U.S. for research, and participating as an undergraduate gives you valuable career experience - wherever your future leads. Your professors are conducting relevant, cutting-edge research, and many of them accept undergraduates on their team! So, how do you take advantage of everything the Department of Physics has to offer? It's all about starting a conversation. Pick an interesting research area or explore our faculty directory for current projects. Reach out to individual faculty members to express your interest, ask for opportunities and advice, or even pitch your own idea for the Undergraduate Research Symposium!

Submit your application

At the Department of Physics, we are pleased to offer a collection of scholarships for students pursuing a degree in physics. We take great pride in our student's accomplishments and enjoy rewarding those who go above and beyond in their academic studies and show enthusiasm for creating positive change through the application of physics.

Stay on track

Your degree in physics will open many doors, and lay the foundation for a successful future - so don't get lost on the way to the podium! Your academic advisors will help you plan your time in the Department of Physics to meet your individual academic and career goals. Regular conversations will help make sure you are on track to graduate on time, provide clarity, on policies and procedures, and guide you to ASU resources.

Enjoy your time

The ASU journey has more to offer than just classrooms - and so does the Department of Physics! From tutoring and study spots to local adventures and attractions, check out our list of recommendations - carefully curated to fit your individual experience.