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When you study physics, you will learn how the natural world works. You will find an intellectual challenge as well as a solid basis for a broad range of career opportunities. You'll learn to solve problems for which the questions are not even known yet. The unique ability of physicists to discern pathways in complex problems makes them invaluable in a team-based environment in any number of fields such as medicine, materials science, renewable energy and financial markets, to name a few. It's no wonder that physicists are so sought after in the job market. Undergraduate and graduate students will find many choices to engage with faculty in research activities that are categorized in four broad areas of physics, given below.

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Biological Physics: Moving electrons through proteins on microseconds

Dr Daniel Martin working in the Matyushov group has recently took advantage of one of the fastest high performance supercomputers (Anton, D. E. Shaw) to look at electron tunneling in proteins. Membrane-bound bc1 complex is one of the key elements of biology’s energy production chain in mitochondria of animals and photosynthetic centers of bacteria. Longer than 10 microseconds of fully atomistic computer simulations have allowed for the first time to study the protein's low frequency motions driving electron transfer. A broad range of fluctuations, spanning from picoseconds to microseconds, affects the transition. Surprisingly, slow motions, in the range 0.1-1.6 microseconds turned out to be particularly important. This work recently appeared in the J. Chem. Phys. 142, 161101 (2015).

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Whether you’re a physics major or looking to fulfill your quantitative science requirement, we offer a variety of stimulating courses that encourage critical thinking and problem solving, while helping you understand how everything around you works.

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Our advisors can help you choose classes, understand degree program requirements, and stay up to date on university and department policies and procedures. Meet with an advisor on a regular basis to ensure you’re on track.

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Our nationally recognized faculty are members of prestigious science organizations and are published in leading scientific journals. They conduct innovative research in various aspects of physics, and their acclaimed work has elevated ASU’s position as a premier institution.

Recent news


 ASU physicist receives Fonda-Fasella Award

January 26, 2016 

ASU physics professor Richard Kirian has been awarded the Fonda-Fasella prize, which is given to a young researcher who has obtained important results while working at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, aninternational research center located in Italy.






 Cambridge-bound grad values connections with ASU mentors

May 9th, 2016 

Aditya Dhumuntarao, a Barrett, the Honors College student who will be graduating in May with dual bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and physics, has earned top honors in both majors. He earned the top award for an undergraduate in each mathematics and physics — the Charles Wexler Mathematics Prize, and the Outstanding Physics Undergraduate Award. 

Robert Lee, Dean's Medal Winner, Spring 2018

Department of Physics Spring 2018 CLAS Dean's Medalist Robert Lee