Greater understanding starts with research

At Arizona State University, our research involves understanding the physics of everything from the cells in our bodies to interactions in space. We involve undergraduate and graduate students in our research projects as we strive to answer serious questions. And our discoveries and advances have a wide range of scientific and practical applications. Our acclaimed faculty members conduct research in the following four main focus areas of physics.

Biological and Soft Matter Physics

We study the underlying principles involved in the machinery of living things from the molecular to the cellular level as we search for unifying themes both within and between organisms. Our research is conducted in a multi-disciplinary environment at the interface of physics, biology, chemistry, engineering, computational sciences and nanoscience.

Cosmology, particle and astrophysics

We are researching particle physics universe to present day observables, and to understand the transition from linear physics to the non-linear regime during the formation of structures through observational techniques.

Nanoscale and Material Physics

 At the nanometer length scale, materials and structures behave differently, which offers exciting opportunities for scientific discoveries and technological advances. We use the tools of physics to create, probe, and understand new materials and atomic-size structures that will enable future technological breakthroughs.

Physics and Society 

Physics interacts with society in many important ways. Within the university, the physics department teaches many undergraduate classes to help prepare future engineers and other scientists for their future careers.