Research Groups

Research Image Faculty Name Research Focus Research Website Research Publications
Low Energy Electron Microscopy Dr. Peter Bennett The Bennett group studies self-assembled surface nanostructures using a variety of techniques, including Scanning Tunneling… read more Publications
TRAP The goal of the Sukharev research group is to advance fundamental understanding of light-matter interaction at subwavelength scale.… read more Computational Optics Group Publications
MT Dr Treacy has research efforts in two areas. The first is in electron diffraction physics, where new electron microscopy methods are… read more Dr. Treacy Group Publications
Jeff Drucker In the Drucker group we try to understand the atomic processes leading to crystal growth. This fundamental knowledge enables… read more Publications
diamond Dr. Robert Nemanich Dr. Nemanichs research involves an interdisciplinary group of researchers dedicated to the study of semiconductor surfaces,… read more Dr. Nemanich Lab Publications
Schematic Band Structures Dr. Jose Menendez Our research is in the field of semiconductor materials. We specialize in optical properties— measured with techniques such as… read more Dr. Menendez Lab Publications
Barry Ritchie Dr. Barry Ritchie Professor Barry Ritchie’s Meson Physics Group uses multi-GeV photons to probe the quark/gluon substructure of the protons and… read more ASU Meson Physics Group Publications
Kinks and Domain Walls Dr. Tanmay Vachaspati Dr. Vachaspati is a theoretical physicist working at the intersections of particle physics, astrophysics, general relativity, and… read more Publications
Inflationary Universe Paradigm Dr. Damien Easson Dr. Easson research is focused on building and testing models of the inflationary universe paradigm.
Ricardo Alarcon Dr. Ricardo Alarcon My research interests are in the design, construction, and execution of experiments in basic nuclear science. I have participated in… read more Publications