The Department of Physics hosts colloquia every semester. Each semester speakers from around the world from various physics topics are asked to give a talk on relevant and innovative research. Colloquia are held on Thursdays. 

Light refreshments will be served at 3:15pm outside PSF 101, and Colloquium lecture will begin at 3:30pm in PSF 101.

For more information about the Colloquia, please contact


Date Speaker Name Speaker Affiliation Title Host Speaker Photo Flyer Ad Colloquia Recording Location

Simon Foreman

Arizona State University

Mapping the Universe with 21cm Intensity Mapping

Cindy Keeler

Dr. Foreman Foreman Flyer 11 x 17.pdf 365.02 KB Link PSF 101

Steven Gross

University of California, Irvine

An Introduction to Molecular Motors, and In-Vivo Biophysics

Rizal Hariadi

Dr. Gross Colloquia Flyer - 11 x 17 - Gross.pdf 213.99 KB Link PSF 101

Pearl Sandick

University of Utah

Highs and Lows in the Search for Dark Matter

Patricia Rankin

Dr. Sandick Colloquium Flyer - 11x17 - Sandick.pdf 638.55 KB Link PSF 101

Scott Aaronson

The University of Texas at Austin

The Future of Quantum Supremacy Experiments

Cindy Keeler and Will Munizzi

Dr. Aaronson Colloquium Flyer - 11x17 - Aaronson.pdf 291.68 KB Link PSF 101

Cristian Batista 

University of Tennessee 

Skyrmion Textures in Magnetic Materials

Onur Erten 

Dr. Batista Colloquium Flyer - 11x17 - Batista.pdf 223.12 KB Link PSF 101

Thomas Baumgarte

Bowdoin College

Capture of Primordial Black Holes by Neutron Stars

Cindy Keeler

Dr. Baumgarte Colloquium Flyer - 11x17 - Baumgarte.pdf 285.76 KB Link PSF 101

Frank Wilczek

Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Arizona State University

The Real Fifth Force: Quantum Statistics

Maulik Parikh

Frank Wilczek Colloquium Flyer - 11x17 - Wilczek_0.pdf 296.65 KB Link PSF 101

Mouzhe Xie

Arizona State University

Molecular Biophysics from Conventional NMR and Optically Detected Quantum Sensing

Sara Vaiana

Dr. Xie Colloquium Flyer - 11x17 - Xie.pdf 229.09 KB Link PSF 101

Kingshuk Ghosh 

University of Denver

Rules of Physical Mathematics Govern Disordered Proteins

Sara Vaiana

Dr. Ghosh Colloquium Flyer - 11x17 - Ghosh.pdf 616.2 KB PSF 101

Ehud Altman

University of California, Berkeley

Measurement Induced Criticality in Monitored Quantum Systems

Onur Erten

Dr. Altman Colloquium Flyer - 11x17 - Altman.pdf 277.67 KB Link PSF 101

Cowley Distinguished Lecture: Eva Olsson

Chalmers University

The Role of Individual Atoms and Molecules in Nanostructured Materials

David Smith

Dr. Olsson Cowley Distinguished Lecture Flyer - 11x17 - Olsson.pdf 335.65 KB Link PSF 101

Taekjip Ha

Harvard University

From Single Molecules to Cellular Decision Making: Connecting the Scales Using Mechanical Force

Rizal Hariadi

Dr. Ha Colloquium Flyer - 11 x 17 - Ha.pdf 278.56 KB PSF 101

Alexander Kemper

North Carolina State University

Quantum Information Meets Condensed Matter

Robert Kaindl

Dr. Kemper Colloquium Flyer - 11x17 - Kemper.pdf 187.62 KB Link PSF 101

Tyler Cocker

Michigan State University

Watching Atoms Move with Terahertz Scanning Probe Microscopy

Robert Kaindl

Dr. Cocker Colloquium Flyer - 11x17 - Kemper_0.pdf 187.62 KB PSF 101