The Department of Physics hosts colloquia every semester. Each semester speakers from around the world from various physics topics are asked to give a talk on relevant and innovative research. Colloquiums are held Thursdays, with light refreshments served.

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Date Speaker Name Speaker Affiliation Title Host Speaker Photo Flyer Colloquia Recording

Dr. Robert Nemanich

Arizona State University

Natural Properties and Applications of Ultra Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

Dr. Fernando Ponce

Robert J. Nemanich Fall 2021 Colloquia Flyer-Nemanich.pdf 125.94 KB

Abhishek Shrivastava

Arizona State University

The drivers of bacterial surface motility

Douglas Shepherd

Abhishek Shrivastava Fall 2021 Colloquium Flyer 11x17-Shrivastava.pdf 364.33 KB

Igor Shovkovy

Arizona State University

Anomalous quark-gluon plasma

Tanmay Vachaspati

Igor Shovkovy Fall 2021 Colloquium Flyer 8.5x11-Shovkovy.pdf 248.23 KB

Dr. Maulik Parikh

Arizona State University

The noise of gravitons

Tanmay Vachaspati

Maulik Parikh Fall 2021 Colloquium Flyer-Parikh.pdf 166.55 KB

Jingyue Liu

Arizona State University

Single-Atom Catalysis for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability

David Smith

Jingyue Liu Fall 2021 Colloquium Flyer-Liu.pdf 160.85 KB

Francis Halzen

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ice Cube: Cosmic Neutrinos and Multimessenger Astronomy

Cecilia Lunardini 

Francis Halzen Fall 2021 Colloquium Flyer-8.5x11 Halzen.pdf 210.65 KB

Alexandra Navrotsky

Arizona State University

High Pressure-a FORCE at ASU

David Smith

Alexandra Navrotsky Fall 2021 Colloquium Flyer 8.5x11-Navrotsky.pdf 183.8 KB

Peter Rez

Arizona State University

What is the Science behind Climate Change?

David Smith

Peter Rez Fall 2021 Colloquium Flyer 8.5x11-Rez.docx 184.66 KB

Matthew Baumgart

Arizona State University

The quantum mechanics of cosmology

Tanmay Vachaspati

Angela Di Fulvio

University of Illinois

Actionable ideas for nuclear threat reduction

Ricardo Alarcon

Angela Di Fulvio