The Department of Physics hosts colloquia every semester. Each semester speakers from around the world from various physics topics are asked to give a talk on relevant and innovative research. Colloquia is held on Thursdays. 

Light refreshments will be served at 3:45pm in PSF 186, and Colloquium lecture will begin at 4:00pm in PSF 101.

For more information about the Colloquia, please contact

Date Speaker Name Speaker Affiliation Title Host Speaker Photo Flyer Colloquia Recording Location

Cindy Keeler 

Arizona State University 

Three Ways to Build a Spacetime

Cecilia Lunardini 

Dr. Keeler Colloquium Flyer-11x17-Keeler.pdf 266.55 KB Dr. Keeler Colloquium PSF 101

Damien Easson

Arizona State University

The Universe Before the Big Bang

Cindy Keeler

Dr. Easson Colloquium Flyer-11x17-Easson.pdf 178.16 KB Dr. Easson Colloquium PSF 101

Antia Botana

Arizona State University

The Nickel Age of Superconductivity

Onur Erten

Dr. Botana Colloquium Flyer-11x17-Botana.pdf 230.27 KB Dr. Botana Colloquium PSF 101

Helvi Witek

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

CSI Gravity: Investigating fundamental physics with gravitational waves

Cindy Keeler

Dr. Witek Colloquium Flyer-11x17-Witek.pdf 224.34 KB Dr. Witek Colloquium PSF 101

Navish Wadhwa

Arizona State University

Do bacterial engines have automatic gearshifts?

Rizal Hariadi

Dr. Wadhwa Colloquium_Wadhwa_11x17.pdf 243.46 KB Dr. Wadhwa Colloquium PSF 101

Alex Maloney

McGill University

Quantum Fields, Quantum Gravity, and Black Holes

Cindy Keeler

Dr. Maloney Colloquium Flyer-11x17-Maloney.pdf 163.35 KB Dr. Maloney Colloquium PSF 101

Dalziel Wilson

University of Arizona

Ultracoherent nanomechanical resonators for quantum experiments and precision measurement

Will Terrano

Dr. Wilson Colloquium Poster - Wilson 11x17.pdf 185.25 KB Dr. Wilson Colloquium PSF 101

No Colloquium

Ruud Tromp


Cowley Distinguished Lecture: In-situ imaging and spectroscopy with few-eV electrons

David Smith

Dr. Tromp Cowley Lecture Flyer-11x17-Tromp.pdf 300.78 KB Dr. Tromp Cowley Lecture PSF 101

Kate Scholberg

Duke University

Scattering in Neutrino Alley

Cecilia Lunardini

Dr. Scholberg Colloquium Flyer-11x17-Scholberg.pdf 271.99 KB Dr. Scholberg Colloquium PSF 101

Haidan Wen

Argonne National Lab

Probing ultrafast structural dynamics in quantum materials by x-ray free-electron lasers

Robert Kaindl

Dr. Wen Colloquium Flyer-11x17-Wen.pdf 213.06 KB Dr. Wen Colloquium PSF 101

Dmitry Matyushov

Arizona State University

From Gibbs to biology: Maxwell’s demon, nonergodicity, and biological function

Stuart Lindsay

Dr. Matyushov Matyushov Colloquia Flyer 11x17.pdf 254.7 KB Dr. Matyushov Colloquium PSF 101

Maria Chan

Argonne National Lab

Theory-informed AI/ML for Design and Characterization of Energy Materials

Arunima Singh

Dr. Chan Colloquium Flyer 11x17 - Chan.pdf 194.33 KB Dr. Chan Colloquium PSF 101