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Who is this degree program designed for?

This program is specifically tailored for working professionals who wish to retrain into nanoscience, nanotechnology and nanomedicine, as well as for students with traditional bachelor's and master's degrees. 

Do you accept international applicants?

International graduates are welcome to make an application to the PSM-Nanoscience program. Please note that because this is an intensive program, it may take longer than one calendar year for international students to complete the degree program while they familiarize themselves with the USA, the English language and/or the subject matter.

Can I get a scholarship to study the PSM in Nanoscience?

You are welcome to apply for scholarships as you see fit. Current and former students have found support through public and private scholarships (including international government sponsorships and Fulbright Scholarships) as well as through their employers. However, most students are either working (full- or part-time) or are self-funded.

What about TA or RA support?

In the Department of Physics, Physics PhD students are given first priority for TA and RA support. You are free to approach individual faculty members and other potential employers about such support, but the PSM degree is not currently based on there being such support available.

Does ASU's PSM Nanoscience program charge a program fee?

Many PSM programs across the USA charge an additional degree fee that can be substantial. Currently, the PSM-Nanoscience program charges a modest program fee of $1000/ semester ($500/semester for part-time students). The program fee is used to add value to the PSM Nanoscience student experience and may be increased in future.