Start Preparing for Graduate School

Graduate school may be an important step in obtaining your dream career. Utilize the resources on this page to better prepare yourself for applying, accepting and completing a graduate program. 

Students should start preparing for graduate school their sophomore year. By preparing early, you afford yourself the opportunity to develop working relationships with faculty, obtain research experience, become a mentor, complete community service, and much more. 

Join a Student Organization (Year 1)

Why is joining a student organization important?

Build Your Network (Year 2)

Networking can lead to professional relationships, letters of recommendation, job offers, and much more.

Gain Research Experience (Year 2-4)

Research is an important part of your graduate school application. Having this type of experience shows your level of competency in a lab, your ability to work with other students and faculty, and your eagerness to contribute to the physics community.

The Graduate Record Examinations® (GRE®) (Year 4)

For information on test prep, go to

Finding a Graduate Program (Year 3)

Finding the right graduate program is more than just a great location. Students should consider a university's specific faculty, funding, notable research, and research area openings.

Applying to Graduate School (Year 4)