American Physical Society- Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Alliance

Introducing Arizona State University's American Physical Society-IDEA Initiative

Our Mission


The ASU Department of Physics is honored to be part of the American Physical Society- Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Alliance, whose mission is to empower and support physics departments, laboratories, and other organizations to identify and enact strategies for improving equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). 

The goals and ideals of the American Physical Society-IDEA network support and promote the ASU charter, which resolves to measure itself "not by whom it excludes, but by whom it includes and how they succeed."

How American Physical Society-IDEA Works

Our vision is that as a result of collective efforts, physics and related fields will become more inclusive of all social identities, with a diversity reflective of the nation, and with an equitable distribution of opportunities and resources.

The network will provide a supportive environment to:

  • exchange ideas, information, and experiences
  • deepen knowledge of research and effective practices
  • develop or improve EDI strategic plans
  • discuss various EDI initiatives and reports from physics and related disciplines
  • learn about theories of change
  • begin planning IDEA’s programs

This is achieved through guiding principles of:

  • centering people whose identities are marginalized
  • utilizing sensemaking, including creating brave spaces
  • implementing research-based transformational methods
  • sharing leadership across levels; from students up to faculty


We have gathered a list of resources pertaining to financial issues, paid positions, conferences, scholarships, communities, and hot lines for your convenience!

Resource List

Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics help on January 19-21, 2024



Archer Assistance Scholarship

The Department of Physics Student Emergency Assistance Program was established to help
students in financial distress due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Funded by donations from the
Steven Archer, the program is a small gesture in an overall University strategy to
support the health and well-being of ASU students for the duration of this crisis.

Amount: Varies- up to $1,000


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We are also looking for qualified individuals that can perform specific tasks through paid positions:

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American Physical Society -IDEA Team

Further Contacts and Past Members

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Patricia Rankin

Chair, Department of Physics 

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Anna Zaniewski

Founder and Member at Large 

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Mia Nicolacoudis

President, ASU's Society of Physics Students (SPS)

Christopher Luna

Past Member

Brandon Sumner

Past Member

Alexis Lohman

Outstanding Alum

Emily Luffey

Outstanding Alum

American Physical Society-IDEA Network

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