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Nanoscience Seminar

This is a multidisciplinary seminar series on Nanoscale Science and Nanotechnology.The seminars are co-sponsored by the LeRoy Eyring Center for Solid State Science, School Of Molecular Sciences and Advanced Materials Initiative.

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The Nanoscience Seminar  is held at 4:00 pm on Mondays in GWC 487. Refreshments begin at 3:45 PM.

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Host
January 22, 2018 Professor Enrique Ortega University of the Basque Country, Spain Electronic States in exotic 1Dnanostructures (grown on curved surfaces and probed with ARPES) Dr. Vladimiro Mujica
January 29, 2018 Professor David Smith Arizona State University Department of Physics Investigating complex heterostructures using aberration-corrected electron microscopy Dr. Jingyue Liu
February 5, 2018 Professor Peter Crozier Arizona State University School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy Nanoscale Probing of Materials Composition and Chemistry with Advanced Electron Microscopy: Local Spectroscopy and In Situ Dynamics Professor Dave Smith
February 12, 2018 Drs Shery Chang and Dewight Williams Arizona State University Atomic resolution imaging of surfaces and defects of nanomaterials; AND Understanding the biological machinery by cryogenic TEM imaging and structure determination Professor Martha McCartney
February 19, 2018 Professor Jingyue (Jimmy) Liu Arizona State University Department of Physics Probing atomic structure & chemistry of supported metal nanoparticles, clusters and single atoms by advanced electron microscopy Professor Peter Crozier
February 26, 2018 Professor Alexandra Navrotsky University of California, Davis A broad look at the energy landscape of nanoclusters and their transformations Professor William Petuskey
March 19, 2018 Professor Maria Tamargo City College of New York Molecular beam epitaxy of II-VI semiconductors for novel applications Professor Dave Smith
March 26, 2018 Professor Paul Maggard NC State University Mixed-metal oxides: tuning their structures for uses in the capture and conversion of solar energy Professor Don Seo
April 9, 2018 Professor Abraham Nitzan University of Pennsylvania Electron transfer across thermal gradients Dr. Maxim Sukharev
April 16, 2018 Professor Yong Wang PNNL & Washington State Thermally stable and regenerable single atom catalysts by atom trapping Professor Daniel Buttry