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William J. and Carol M. Motil Scholarship

Program Type: Undergraduate/Graduate

Scholarship Deadline: Thurs., 03/15/2019 - 11:59pm

The William J. and Carol M. Motil Scholarship was established by William J. Motil who graduated from ASU with a degree in Physics in 1963. He is thankful and appreciative of the benefits derived from the education he received and recognizes the need for support of students entering into and continuing their education in the field of physics.

Successful applicants are either undergraduate or graduate students pursuing an academic degree in physics. Applicants should highlight their passion for or interest in the field of physics. Though there is no specific cumulative GPA requirement, academic success is considered.

The amount of this scholarship is an estimated $1500.

Application must be received by midnight on the day it is due, and include:

  • General application: apply now.
  • Transcripts of all relevant work (unofficial copies are acceptable).
  • A brief statement, explaining why you should be considered for this scholarship, include any career plans.
  • A letter of support from your research advisor. If you're a first year student and have not secured an advisor, a letter from one of your core course instructors is acceptable.