Program Faculty

Graduate faculty participating in our program come from units spanning several science and engineering disciplines who pursue experimental and theoretical inquiry in the major research emphases of our department

Program Directors

Financial Support

All full-time (nine credit hours) students in the PhD program may receive financial support in the form of a teaching assistantship or a research assistantship as long as they maintain good standing in the PhD program.

Application Requirements

Applications are accepted for the fall semester only.

The application deadline for full consideration for the Fall semester is January 31. Files completed after this date will be considered, but students should recognize that most of the financial resources will be committed by early spring.


Who is this degree program designed for?

This program is specifically tailored for working professionals who wish to retrain into nanoscience, nanotechnology and nanomedicine, as well as for students with traditional bachelor's and master's degrees. 

Do you accept international applicants?

International Students

All prospective International teaching assistants are required to take a SPEAK test upon arrival at ASU, and must attain a score of 55 or better. Students may repeat the SPEAK test to improve their scores, and are encouraged to do so after receiving intensive language training. TA appointments are not renewed beyond the first year without a SPEAK score of 55 or better.

For details on the SPEAK test