Ig Tsong - Professor Emeritus

The research areas specialized by Ig Tsong are the physics of semiconductor surfaces and the growth of new wide bandgap semiconductors. Nineteen graduate students have successfully completed their PhD dissertations in his laboratory. His current research interest lies in the growth of Group III nitride semiconductors on silicon substrates and the fabrication of light emitting devices.

John Page - Professor Emeritus

John Page’s current research involves two broad areas: (1) Analytic and numerical studies of a novel class of stationary localized vibrational excitations in strongly anharmonic perfect lattices. The localization results from the interplay between nonlinearity and lattice discreteness. Recent extensions to systems as diverse as optically driven lattices of electric dipole rotors and quasi-1D lattices of Josephson junctions subject to applied DC currents reveal a wide variety of fascinating behavior.

Richard G. Stoner Memorial Scholarship for Undergraduate Physics Majors

Program Type: Undergraduate

Professor Stoner was chair of the ASU Department of Physics and Astronomy for ten years, a dedicated teacher, and a founding member of the Arizona section of the American Association of Physics Teachers. The scholarship is supported by the income from funds donated by ASU Department of Physics faculty members in his memory.

Vesto M. Slipher Scholarship

Program Type: Undergraduate

The Vesto Melvin Slipher Foundation provides a scholarship each year to a worthy student who is pursuing studies in science at either the University of Arizona, Arizona State University or Northern Arizona University. The amount of this award may fluctuate slightly from year to year.

Any ASU undergraduate physics major is eligible to apply. Particular focus is paid to academic success.

Application must be received by midnight on the day it is due, and include: