A word from the Department Chair


Physics is a fundamental science that is at the foundation of all fields of science. Our students and faculty are advancing a broad range of themes including materials and nanoscale science, biological physics, particle astrophysics, and cosmology.

Our commitment is first and foremost to developing the highest quality programs and research opportunities for students engaged in the study of physics. Our physics students go on to positions in industry or academia prepared with a top-notch physics education.

We lead physics research in electron diffraction physics and high-resolution electron microscopy and solid-state phenomena at nanometer scales. We conduct experimental research at the smallest scales, and have access to first-class instrumentation; electron microscopes, scanning probe microscopes, ion beam probes, solid-state lasers, low energy electron microscope, and accelerators. In addition to experimental research, ASU also does outstanding research in theoretical physics fields including cosmology, nuclear and particle physics, and biological physics.

The physics faculty here at ASU are among the finest researchers, teachers, and mentors in the field today. They include faculty who are fellows of prestigious science organizations, noted authors and nationally recognized for research in science education. In addition to outstanding faculty, we have a dedicated department staff that works to support research and teaching at every level.

I am excited to be part of a department focused on uncovering new physics in all areas of science and technology. I encourage you to explore our Web site and visit us on the Tempe campus to learn more about the opportunities in physics available to you at Arizona State University. 

Dr. Peter Bennett , Chair & Professor

Department of Physics

Arizona State University