Academic Advising

The Department of Physics offers academic advising to all students pursuing a degree in physics. Our dedicated staff is here to help you navigate your path to graduation. Have questions? Contact us today!

Is this your first year at ASU?
First-year students (including new transfer students) receive advising support in Armstrong Hall.

First-year advising

Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Advising Team:

Morgan Texeira, Undergraduate Program Manager

Phone: 480.965.3561


For class overrides, please use this form

Advisor responsibilities:

  • Assist in planning academic schedules
  • Review major requirements
  • Help track progress toward graduation
  • Clarify university and department policies and procedures

Scheduling Appointments:

**If you are a first-time freshman, please call 480.965.6506 to schedule an appointment.**

All other students, please call 480-965-3561 or visit the Physics Main Office in Physical Science F-Wing, Room 470 to schedule an advising appointment. Parking is available in Lot 46 off University Dr. 

How to prepare for your appointment:

  1. Review your Degree Audit and/or eAdvisor.
  2. Write down any questions you have regarding your degree progress or next steps.
  3. Check your MyASU for any Academic or Financial Holds. Be sure to click on the hold for more information regarding what your next steps should be.
  4. Complete any forms (student portion only) before you attend your advising appointment.

Walk-in Advising

Spring 2019 - Thursdays* 2:00pm-3:30pm. (No walk-ins January 31st)

Walk-in advising is limited to 10-15 minutes and is on a first come first served basis. New students must make an appointment if it is their first advising session. Hours may change or be canceled at any time at the discretion of the department. It is recommended that you call the front office (480.965.3561) to confirm walk-in advising hours. 

*Excluding ASU Observed Holidays


Students should utilize walk-in advising for the following reasons: 

  • Junior advising hold 
  • Second semester freshman advising hold
  • Adding minor
  • Quick course concerns 
  • Needs signature for form (Signature ONLY, form must be completed beforehand)

Credit Overload (19+ credits in single term)

Credit Overload (19+ credits in single term)

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students are typically capped at 18 credits per semester or 7 credits in each summer session. Students may petition to take more than 18 credits in a specific semester by submitting a Credit Overload Petition. 

To be considered for an overload, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete a full term at ASU before the overload term
  2. Be in good academic standing. Petitions will not be reviewed/approved for students on Academic Probation.
  3. Not repeating a course in overload term
  4. Meet the following GPA requirements
  • 19 Credits - 3.0 GPA or above
  • 20-21 - 3.2 GPA or Above
  • 22-24 - 3.4 GPA or above 
  • Complete Credit Overload Petition and email completed form to your academic advisor. 
  • Once you have submitted the Course Overload Petition, found here,  your request will be reviewed within 5 business days. Students who wish to receive a credit overload of 25+ credits will need to complete the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Overload Petition and submit the form to Your petition will be reviewed by the Department of Physics and if approved sent to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for final approval.



    Course overrides are processed by department, college, and campus. To determine which college is offering the course, click on the course description in the ASU Class Search. Once you have verified the college, please complete the necessary form below. 

    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Override Form

    Overrides for classes on other campuses

    Downtown Campus - 602-496-4636 - Form
    Polytechnic Campus - 480-727-1585 - Form
    West Campus - 602-543-5500




    Physics majors are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0. Students who fail to maintain a satisfactory GPA will be placed on probation. Once you are on probation, you will need to complete the next semester with a GPA of 2.0 or above to remain on continued probation. Students may remain on continued probation as long as they achieve a semester GPA of 2.0 or above.

    Requirements of Probation:

    1. Schedule an appointment with your advisor by calling 480.965.3561
    2. Complete Probation Success Plan
    3. Complete UNI 220 
    4. Enroll in PASS program (for first-time freshmen only)

    Steps to complete BEFORE your appointment:

    1. Review your DARs
    2. Complete the success plan and success strategy areas on probation success plan form
    3. Email completed probation success plan to before your appointment.


    Students who do not maintain a semester GPA of 2.0 or above after being placed on probation will be disqualified from Arizona State University. Students who are disqualified may submit a written appeal to the college. If approved, students will be allowed to register for the following semester. If your appeal is denied you will need to sit out one academic year before seeking readmission.

    Students who have not appealed successfully should contact the Office of Student and Academic Programs in the Fulton Center, Suite 110, 480-965-6506.  You will need to meet with an OSAP advisor to learn how you can gain readmission after one year.

    Click here for more information on disqualification

    Graduation Requirements

    Graduation Requirements

    Students must meet the following requirements to graduate:

    University Requirements


    • 120 hours - Students must complete at least 120 credit hours. Please be aware that even though you may be done with your major course requirements you may still need additional elective credits. Be sure to check your degree audit to see how many credits you have remaining. 
    • 45 upper division hours - Upper division are the 300-499 level classes. You will complete most of the 45 upper division hour requirement with your general studies and major requirements. The remaining upper division hours will be fulfilled by elective credits. 

    General Studies

    • SQ and SG: Natural Sciences - completed by major requirement (PHY 150 and PHY 151) 
    • Mathematics - completed by major requirement (MAT 270 or MAT 265)
    • Literacy and Critical Inquiry (L), 6 credits required
      • 1 lower division (100-299)
      • 1 upper division (300-499).
      • Note: if your degree requires PHY 334 Advanced Laboratory 1, your upper division L will be met by this major requirement. 
    • Humanities and Arts (HU) and Social and Behavioral Sciences (SB), 15 credits required
      • 3 credits of upper division HU OR SB
      • 6 credits of HU
      • 6 credits of SB
    • Awareness Areas - these courses can be paired with Literacy and Critical Inquiry, Humanites and Arts, Social Behavioral Sciences, and Science and Society 
      • Cultural Diversity in the United States (C)
      • Global Awareness (G)
      • Historical Awareness (H)

    College Requirements

    GPA - students must have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) in order to graduate with their degree. 

    Science and Society - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students in pursuit of a BS degree need to earn 6 credits of science and society with a C or better. If your science and society courses are not listed correctly on your DARs, compelte this form

    • 1 upper division (300-499)
    • 1 upper OR lower division (100-499)

    Major Requirements 

    Students must complete all required courses listed on their respective major maps. 




    Can I contact my advisor through email?

    Yes! Students are welcome to email their academic advisor with general questions. Your advisor will determine if you should meet in person to discuss more in-depth questions. Students can email their academic advisor directly or

    How do I register for classes?

    You can register for classes through your MyASU account. Make sure to check your Priority Tasks list to be sure you do not have any holds before registering. Utilize the below video for helpful tips on how to use the class search function to your advantage.

    How can I check my remaining degree requirements? 

    Students are encouraged to keep track of their degree requirements by running a Degree Audit Report (DARs). Your Degree Audit Report will let you know completed requirements, in-progress requirements, and not yet completed requirements. Please visit, here, to review how to run a Degree Audit Report. 

    Where does advising take place?

    You will meet with your academic advisor in Bateman Physical Science F-Wing Room 470. Students must check-in at the front desk.


    What if I want to change my major?

    Students wanting to change their major OUT of physics must contact an advisor in the major they are interested in pursuing. Students who wish to change their major TO physics may schedule an advising appointment by calling 480-965-3561.

    I was placed on probation, what are my next steps?

    First, you will need to fill out the probation plan found here. Next, set-up an appointment with your advisor. Before attending your appointment, make sure you email your probation plan to your advisor. 

    I have been disqualified from Arizona State University. What do I do now?

    Students who have not appealed successfully should contact the Office of Student and Academic Programs (OSAP) in the Fulton Center, Suite 110, 480-965-6506. You will need to meet with an OSAP advisor to learn how you can gain readmission after one year.


    Forms, Student Resources, and Policies

    Forms, Student Resources, and Policies