Academic Support

Advisors in the Department of Physics provide academic advising to students majoring or minoring in physics. If you have questions about academic deadlines, course selection, degree requirements, or need general major advice, we are here for you!

Meet your academic advisor

Advising Appointments

Is this your first year at ASU?
First-year students (not including online students) receive advising support in Armstrong Hall.

First-year advising

Current sophomore to senior Tempe students and ALL ASU Online physics majors

Schedule an advising appointment by logging into My ASU and navigating to Academic Support Team > Academic Advising. 

In-person appointments will take place in Bateman Physical Science F-wing, Room 470. 

*Newly admitted ASU Online students must complete a pre-advising course before scheduling an appointment. To enroll in the course please see your Welcome email or email for the link. Students who schedule an appointment, but do not have a completed course on file will be asked to reschedule.

Prospective students 

If you are not yet admitted to ASU or have questions regarding our degrees, please email our department to schedule an appointment. Contact us at 


Physics Course or Instructor Grievance - FORM

Please complete this form if you are experiencing issues or have a concern regarding a physics course or instructor. 

Enrollment Change Request -FORM

This form is used when adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a course after the add/drop deadline. 

Credit Overload Petition - FORM

To be considered for an overload(19+), you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete a full term at ASU before the overload term
  2. Be in good academic standing. Petitions will not be reviewed/approved for students on Academic Probation.
  3. Not repeating a course in overload term
  4. Meet the following GPA requirements:
Fall or Spring C: 19 hours = 2.5 or higher; 20-21 hours = 3.0 or higher; 22 or more hours= 3.4 or higher
Fall or Spring A/B: 10 hours = 3.0 or higher; 11 or more hours= 3.4 or higher
Summer A/B: 8-9 hours = 3.0 or higher; 10 or more hours = 3.4 or higher

Submit the Course Overload Petition to Your request will be reviewed within 5 business days. Students who wish to receive a credit overload of 25+ credits will have their petition forwarded to The College for approval. 

The College Forms 

Concurrent Degree Forms, Course Override Form for The College, Medical Compassionate Withdrawal, Standards Petition, and others. 

Course Overrides for outside colleges:

  • Ira Fulton School of Engineering - Form
  • College of Integrative Sciences and Arts (Downtown and Polytechnic Campus) - Form - 480-727-1585
  • New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (West Campus)  - Form - 602-543-5500

Research Credit- FORM

Students who are completing research under a Department of Physics professor complete this form for permission to enroll in PHY 492, PHY 493, PHY 495 or PHY 499.

*Students must sign-in to MyASU to submit form. 

Comprehensive Examination - FORM

Students who would like to test out of PHY 121 or PHY 131 need to complete the Comprehensive Examination request

Third-time Repeat Petition - FORM 

For majors within The College that need to retake a course for a 3rd time. Third-time repeats are not guaranteed to be approved, the unit expects students to complete their major requirements in a timely manner. 

Incomplete Grade Request  - FORM

Students requesting a grade of "Incomplete" may initiate the process by submitting this form to their instructor. Students should speak with their instructor before submitting form to determine if they are eligible. 


Barrett Guidelines for Physics 

For more information regarding the guidelines for majoring in physics as a Barrett student, click here. 

Faculty Honors Advisor

Ralph Chamberlin


Honors Thesis 

The Department of Physics Offers PHY 492 and PHY 493 for physics majors conducting their honors thesis with a physics faculty member. To register for PHY 492 and PHY 493, please complete the form below. 

PHY 492 and PHY 493 Registration Form

Resources to help guide you

Academic advisors are here to help you every step of the way, but we encourage students to take ownership of their academic journey. Use these resources to help understand the ins and outs of being on course for graduation and beyond. 

Graduation Audit and Major Map

Understanding your Graduation Audit and Major Map is essential! Students should review their Degree Audit Report at least once a semester and before each advising appointment. 

University and College Requirements


  • 120 hours - Students must complete at least 120 credit hours. Please be aware that even though you may be done with your major course requirements you may still need additional elective credits. Be sure to check your degree audit to see how many credits you have remaining. 
  • 45 upper division hours - Upper division are the 300-499 level classes. You will complete most of the 45 upper division hour requirement with your general studies and major requirements. The remaining upper division hours will be fulfilled by elective credits. 

General Studies

  • SQ and SG: Natural Sciences - completed by major requirement (PHY 150 and PHY 151 OR PHY 121/PHY 122 and PHY 131/PHY 132) 
  • Mathematics - completed by major requirement (MAT 270 or MAT 265)
  • Literacy and Critical Inquiry (L), 6 credits required
    • 1 lower division (100-299)
    • 1 upper division (300-499).
    • Note: if your degree requires PHY 334 Advanced Laboratory 1, your upper division L will be met by this major requirement. 
  • Humanities, Arts and Design (HU) and Social and Behavioral Sciences (SB), 15 credits required
    • 3 credits of upper division HU OR SB
    • 6 credits of HU
    • 6 credits of SB
  • Awareness Areas - these courses can be paired with Literacy and Critical Inquiry(L), Humanities, Arts and Design (HU), Social Behavioral Sciences (SB), and Science and Society 
    • Cultural Diversity in the United States (C)
    • Global Awareness (G)
    • Historical Awareness (H)

College Requirements

GPA - All The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students must have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) in order to graduate with their degree. 

Science and Society - The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students in pursuit of a BS degree need to earn 6 credits of science and society with a C or better. These can be shared with any General Studies course.

  • 1 upper division (300-499)
  • 1 upper OR lower division (100-499)

Second language - The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students in pursuit of a BA degree must complete the second language requirement. 


Students obtaining a physics BS may be eligible for an accelerated program in Materials Science and Engineering. Click the link below to learn more about the 4+1 Physics BS to Materials Science and Engineering MS pathway. Students should plan to submit their application in April for a fall start. Interested students may email to determine their eligibility and for the application link. 

4+1 in Materials Science and Engineering 

To be eligible students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Are in the process or have completed PHY 311
  2. Have earned or are in the process of earning 90 credits 
  3. Have a 3.5 ASU Cumulative GPA