Fund your education with scholarships for physics students

In the Department of Physics at Arizona State University, we pride ourselves on offering a collection of scholarships and awards for students pursing a degree in physics. Our scholarships reward based on merit, which can include a student’s GPA, research contributions and involvement in ASU’s physics community. We enjoy rewarding our students who go above and beyond in their academic studies while showcasing great enthusiasm for creating positive change in the world through the application of physics.


Interested students should review the available awards below and the requirements before submitting an application. All awards listed below are for current Department of Physics undergraduate majors only. Scholarships will post to a student's account in August. Scholarships that are over $1000 will be split between Fall and Spring. 


  1. Check the description for each award to determine eligibility and needed documentation.
  2. Complete ONE application, do not submit duplicate applications.
  3. Name all files per the following convention: "FirstNameLastName_FileType.pdf", Example - "JohnDoe_PersonalStatement.pdf". 
  4. Request all recommendations be uploaded to Please ask your recommenders to name their file per the following convention: "Student'sLastName_FacultyIntials.pdf", Example - "Smith_MT.pdf"


Current Application Status: (Closes February 25th at 11:59pm)

Scholarship Application

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Available Scholarships

Molecular Imaging Corporation Endowment
Wally Stoelzel Physics Scholarship and Fellowship
William J. and Carol M. Motil Scholarship
Vesto M. Slipher Scholarship
Richard G. Stoner Memorial Scholarships for Undergraduate Physics Majors
John C. Wheatley Undergraduate Research Scholarship

Travel Awards

The Department of Physics provides travel awards to undergraduate students attending physics conferences or workshops. Students must be a current Department of Physics major and be enrolled full-time at the time of the application and conference. 

Applications must be submitted at least 3 weeks before scheduled departure. For example, if a student would like to attend a conference on November 5, they should submit their application by the August 31st deadline. 

Application Deadlines
August 31  January 31
October 31March 31

Current Application Status: OPEN

Travel Award Application

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