The Student Success Center was established to provide students with additional support outside the classroom. The center offers free tutoring for a variety of physics and geology courses and provides students with a rich environment to engage in group study.

Location: PSF 186

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday: 8:00am-5:00pm


To reserve a conference room or the entire center, please contact Araceli Vizcarra ( 

Virtual Student Success Center

The SSC in PSF186 will remain open at a limited capacity for those who desire a physical location for studying physics. Those present on-ground in the SSC can simultaneously attend the virtual SSC, which is available online at all hours.

How to join and use the Physics Virtual SSC

Need help accessing the Physics Virtual SSC?

Contact graduate student Timothy DeLazzer ( or Learning Assistant coordinator Kelli Warble ( directly for any issues related to joining the ASU Physics Virtual Student Success Center.

PHY and PHS Tutoring

Teaching assistants for the Department of Physics will hold class office hours in the Student Success Center. You can find help with the following courses:PHS 110, PHY 101, PHY 111,PHY 113, PHY 112,PHY 114,PHY 121,PHY 122, PHY 131,PHY 132,PHY 150, PHY 151, PHY 241, PHY 252

Spring 2022 Physics TA Office Hours

AST, GLG, and SES Tutoring

The School of Earth and Space Exploration provides tutoring for the following courses in the Student Success Center: AST 112, GLG 101, GLG 102, GLG 103, SES 124

Private Tutoring

The Department of Physics understands that not all student's needs are the same. To assist in helping students find the right fit the department compiles a list of private physics tutors.

Private Tutor List 

Additional Tutoring Services

Various services are offered throughout the Tempe campus and online. To get started, select the subject you need help with.





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